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Digital Resolve Announces New Real-time Fraud Detection and Cloud Virtualization Deployment Options for Fraud Analyst Platform

Enhancements bolster real-time intervention capabilities, expand “anywhere, anytime” protection

ATLANTA – (Oct. 21, 2014) – Digital Resolve, a leading provider of online fraud detection and prevention solutions, today announced that it has released enhancements for its award-winning Fraud Analyst platform to help clients bolster real-time fraud detection and intervention capabilities while streamlining deployment and remote application management. 

Designed to serve clients across industries from online banking to healthcare to any enterprise concerned about safe and secure credentialed access, Fraud Analyst is a proven platform for risk-based authentication, behavioral analysis, and real-time identity verification that effectively safeguards access to sensitive information for all customer segments. New Fraud Analyst enhancements include:

  • Enhanced Session Analysis – Additional self-learning features provide continuous session analysis of all online and mobile application navigations, allowing for real-time intervention when suspicious navigation anomalies are detected.
  • Cloud Virtualization – Unlike weblog monitoring, allows for transparent, real-time data collection in the cloud, providing “anytime, anywhere” protection across applications.
  • Mobile Application Protection – Provides behavior monitoring and analysis for clients’ mobile web applications

The new Fraud Analyst enhancements are designed to strengthen protection for high-risk, high-value transactions such as ACH and wire transfers, enterprise security breaches, and protection of ePHI – all while simplifying deployment and application management, and allowing for transparent data collection and more automated security measures for applications maintained in the cloud.

“For more than a decade, we’ve taken great pride in delivering a very flexible and highly effective online fraud prevention solution through our Fraud Analyst platform, which will continue to evolve in line with ever-changing attack vectors,” said Bill Calpin, CEO of Digital Resolve parent company Digital Envoy, Inc. “These enhancements demonstrate that spirit in proactively helping our clients adapt to an increasingly complex online fraud environment. Additionally, these new features are immediately available to all current customers at no charge.”

Deployed at leading financial institutions, financial services providers and other enterprises, Fraud Analyst is a real-time behavior monitoring and fraud detection and intervention solution that is designed to protect clients across applications and channels, whether it’s identifying an account takeover within a financial institution’s online banking platform, detecting an application-level DDoS attack, a fraudulent payment attempt, or detecting unauthorized access to commercial or consumer accounts of any type.

About Digital Resolve
Digital Resolve is committed to securing online identities, information, accounts and transactions against fraud and identity theft by developing solutions that provide 360º protection for the online channel.  The company’s comprehensive online fraud detection and prevention solutions are helping financial institutions, enterprises, healthcare providers, and more to reduce online fraud by as much as 90 percent, delivering peace of mind that the online channel is safe and profitable.

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