Account Protection from Login to Logout

Secure Logins With Proven Risk-Based Authentication

Organizations across industries are looking for ways to secure login transactions, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and personal information that can be used to commit fraud and identity theft.

Real-Time Account Protection

Fraud Analyst protects customer accounts by providing real-time authentication for login transactions. The system utilizes a number of factors that are designed to minimize false positives and present further authentication based on the risk level of the login attempt and the risk associated with each customer segment.

When a login is deemed suspect because a behavior deviates from the normal way in which a user accesses his or her account, Fraud Analyst provides a number of options to authenticate users including a built-in challenge response system; out-of-band authentication; e-mail notifications and tokens.

This seamless and cost-effective solution simplifies the multi-factor authentication process by eliminating the need for customer interaction and by relying on transparent factors to automate the authentication process. Furthermore, the extensible nature of Fraud Analyst offers organizations a way to both meet the security demands of today and to adapt to the ever-changing face of online fraud.

Patented Protection Tools

  • Behavior Profiles - patent-pending user profiles that capture normal account access patterns to provide user authentication for login transactions.  Sample profile data includes information from our patented IP Intelligence and geolocation data such as country, city and state location information and detailed network forensics.
  • Calculated Risk Factors - patented intelligent risk analysis factors such as Velocity Violations that combine with powerful rule sets to identify fraudulent access patterns.
  • Smart Device ID - this optional layer of protection adds power to standard client device identifiers because it ties information from a user's behavior profile directly to a machine identifier, providing a non-spoofable device identification.

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