Real-Time Fraud Identification and Prevention

Online Behavior Monitoring and Fraud Detection for Real-Time Protection

Digital Resolve addresses the full fraud lifecycle, bridging front-end authentication and post-transaction analytics by identifying and tracking all user activity in real time -- from the point of entry to your online channel through every step of a user's interaction with your site.

With Fraud Analyst's powerful Fraud Analysis Engine, all user traffic is monitored in real-time to uncover the sequential unfolding of activities. In this way, online activities are continually reassessed and rescored, adding perspective to events that may seem uninteresting in isolation or that may appear to be fraudulent at first glance -- but are perfectly legitimate for a particular online user.

All activity is tracked at the customer, account, transaction and site levels to provide unsurpassed insight into activities for each individual, across accounts, for all transactions.  Should the analysis engine detect unusual activity, the systems scores the event and a browser-based interface delivers the information you need to understand exactly what's happening and why, and flexible response mechanisms allow your organization to address incidents based on your business, risk and operational policies. 

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